Looking for ways to treat the PV staff?

These are a few of our favorite things…

Staff appreciation asked the entire PV staff to let us know what favorites they have from coffee drinks to sports teams. We put the responses in an excel spreadsheet for you to use if you ever are looking for ideas on how to treat our PV staff!

Questions please contact Staff Appreciation at pvstaffapp@gmail.com

Prairie Spotlight: A Veteran Tribute

Celebrating the Inman Family and their Tradition of Service

For Prairie Vista 5th-Grader Zachary Inman, Veteran’s Day is more than a national holiday…it’s a family affair. Today we thank the Inman’s and all veterans for their commitment and service to our country. Here’s a brief look into one of our own student’s family tree:


Captain Jason Foster Inman (Zach’s Father)


U.S. Air Force (Living)

Colonel Dale Foster Inman (Zach’s Grandfather)


U.S. Air Force, A10 Warthog Pilot (Living)

What’s an A10 Warthog?

Lieutenant Murray Foster Inman (Zach’s Great Grandfather)


U.S. Air Force, WW2 Veteran and General Marshall’s Pilot (Deceased)

Sergeant Elmer Leon Fisher (Zach’s Great Grandfather)


U.S. Army, WW2 Veteran (Deceased)